About 3P-CHEM

The company 3P-CHEM Ltd. was founded in 2004. The company´s goal is to become a reliable supplier of chemical raw materials, materials and packaging in The Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2006 we became the holder of the certificate management system ISO 9001:2001.

Since 2008 our company has been significantly developing a business with packaging for chemical, paints-varnishes, farmaceutical and food industry.

If you do not belong among our customers we will introduce you our competitive advantages, which can get you much further.

Please have a look at brief list of products we offer.

Chemical raw materials

We distribute chemical products and natural materials for paints, sealants, construction and production of plastics from major manufacturers. These products are supplied with samples and of course there is also a professional service.


We supply packaging from steel, from HDPE, tinplate and glass packaging.. These packaging are in volume from 0,1 to 230 litres with the RID/ADR , UN certification for food and pharmaceutical use. At the regest of customers we are also able to provide a print on packaging.