Relationship to customer

  • We are a company focusing heavily on a customer.
  • The goal of all our activities is always 100% fullfillment of all both expressed and implied customer´s requirements of a quality supply of materials.
  • We provide our service in the highest quality and the fastest to the fulll customers´satisfaction.

Relationship to society and access based on facts

  • All processes are provided in accordance with applicable legislative, health, hygiene, safety and environmental conditions, which are determined by the national legislation in force.
  • The company management undertakes to plan, implement and evaluate all activities and processes based on data collection and analysis.

Relationship with employees

  • Each of our employees is convinced of the importance of quality for the prosperity of the company, knows his responsibility and position within the Quality management systém.
  • Quality and responsible work of each employee is a guaranty of company success.
  • Workers are and remain thanks to komplex processing, continuous training and support of management, bearers of productivity of our company.

Relationship with suppliers

  • All our suppliers are able to deliver exactly according to our needs and specifications.
  • We only want to have reliable and quality suppliers – we will evaluate, select and closely cooperate with them to meet our expectations.

System and process approach

  • The management of the company is committed to test regularly the functionality of the system.
  • All outputs from the processes are monitored to ensure quality of inputs into subsequent processes.
  • The company provides the necessary support to ensure the activities of all processes, their measurement, monitoring, and analysis to achieve planned results and continual improvement.

Continuous improvement

  • By approved and renowed policy in the company we are committed to increase the efficiency of our establish system.
  • Changes in organization and management are lead to improve quality of production of our company.
  • We understand the improving in quality as constant and systematic process.